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March 2016

Lawrence Tech’s Drainage System to be Featured at White House Summit

A new parking lot drainage system designed to reduce stormwater runoff that was recently installed at Lawrence Technological University in Southfield utilizing technology, in part, from Parjana Distribution in downtown Detroit, will be showcased at the White House Water Summit at the end of the month...

December 2015

Indiana Bank Installs Sustainable Pavers at Branches, Offices

1st Source Bank and South Bend-based Kuert Concrete are partnering to install pervious pavers at all of 1st Source’s new financial facilities. 1st Source spokesman Douglas Way says the pavers are helping the bank achieve its overall goal to return stormwater to the aquifer, and bring some unexpected benefits as well...

March 2015

Pervious Bases

Two case studies, one using pavers and one using a poured-in-place material, help demonstrate the similarities and differences in base preparation for pervious solutions compared to preparations for permeable and impermeable surfaces...

August 2015

Curb Turn-Ins Direct Water to Trees

Located northeast of Indianapolis, Anderson is home to 55,000 residents and one very creative assistant stormwater manager named Jeremy VanErman, who says the project began with the mayor wanting to do some downtown beautification...

August 2015

A Look at Today’s Pervious, Porous, and Permeable Pavers

Sinking wheels, muddy feet, lame horses and livestock, trade goods ruined—these might have been just a few of the reasons why humans developed pavers thousands of years ago as an answer to a better surface...


Pavers designed for drainage

Stormwater runoff regulation isn't the only issue driving the growth in pavements that allow drainage into the subsurface. In the freeze/thaw environment of the snowbelt...

January 2014

Xeripave Offers an Innovative Solution to Stormwater Runoff

Stormwater runoff from impervious surfaces like parking lots, roads and buildings is one of the more damaging side-effects of the built environment...

October 2013

Water Environment Federation - Stormwater Report: Are Pervious, Permeable, and Porous Pavers Really the Same?

Pervious, permeable, and porous pavers (the three P’s) often are used interchangeably by professionals without regard to their unique characteristics. They are, however, not the same....

September 2013

ASLA LAND E-News: Xeripave Pervious Pavers

Xeripave is a manufacturer of pervious pavers aiding in the solution to stormwater runoff issues....

September 2013

Green City Builder: Solving Stormwater Runoff through Pervious Pavers

Xeripave, LLC started manufacturing Super Pervious Pavers, for handling stormwater runoff, more than four years ago....

January 2013

Storm Water Solutions: Skeeter Solution

The Washoe County (Nev.) Health Department's Vector-Borne Disease Prevention Program had a problem. Mosquitoes were colonizing in the standing water of storm drain catch basins, giving rise to the potential of a West Nile virus threat....

September 2012

Landscape Architect & Specifier News: A Pervious Approach to Progress

Hardscapers that used to add impervious infrastructure and conventional surfacing to paving projects are transitioning to greener methods that absorb and filter stormwater runoff....

August 2012

Landscape Contractor: Paver Industry News

The Transportation, Housing, and Environment (THE) Committee of the Prince George's County Council (Washington D.C. area) unanimously passed a Stormwater Management Retrofit Program....

July 2012

Landscape Contractor: Going Permeable

Compared to non-porous hardscapes, the porous surfacing niche is expanding. Permeable surfacing, which can come in a number of sub-groups (ranging from porous to permeable and pervious), is becoming more popular....

January 2012

Landscape Contractor: Hardscape Trends - Pervious & Permeable Surfacing

As part of our Driveways and Walkways issue, LC/DBM takes a look at the growing trend in hardscaping with permeable and pervious surfacing materials. For a variety of reasons, this hardscape niche is trending up....

May 2012

Wing Beats: Designing Infrastructure to Eliminate Mosquito Colonization

The Washoe County Health District Vector-Borne Diseases Program provided the process and steps of establishing regulations that allow for design standards on new public and private development projects to eliminate mosquito colonization....

November 2011

Water World Magazine: Pervious Pavers Provide New Solution for Stormwater Management

Pervious pavers can function as a stand-alone stormwater control measure (SCM) in drainage applications or used in conjunction with other control measures to allow stormwater to infiltrate or discharge to surface waters. One company, Xeripave, LLC (Vancouver, WA), has created super pervious pavers that are being used in city and county stormwater management plans....

September 2011

ASLA LAND E-News: Xeripave Pervious Pavers

Xeripave LLC is known for its pervious paver product and its unique ability to filter stormwater while offering traditional hardscape benefits....

April 2011

Landscape & Specifier News: The New Look of Storm Water Management

Xeriscape has been defined as: “a landscaping method developed especially for arid and semiarid climates that utilizes water-conserving techniques.” Xeripave® pervious paver is a water-conserving device that is used to allow rain water (storm water) to infiltrate through the surface into the soil below....

March 2011

Infrastructures Magazine: Cities using Xeripave in Catch Basins

Xeripave LLC, an innovative design and manufacturing company in Vancouver, Washington, created a storm drainage filtration system that improves the quality of water by capturing sediment, debris and urban clutter....

February 2011

Stormwater Magazine: One County Health District Deals with Mosquitos in Urban Infrastructures

Water found in the urban infrastructure engineered to handle stormwater and nuisance water has been exploited by the adult female mosquito....


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