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Xeripave® Super Pervious (SP) Pavers

Xeripave® SP Paver Xeripave® SP Paver Xeripave® SP Paver XeriBrixTM

300x300x50 mm
11.81x11.81x1.97 inches

400x400x50 mm
15.75x15.75x1.97 inches

300x300x90 mm
11.81x11.81x3.54 inches

4.5x9x2.38 inches

montana 12-inch

dupont 16-inch

montana thick


Classic, super pervious pavers can be used with other pervoius, permeable and impervious surfaces for a cost effective solution to stormwater runoff. Commonly used in pedestrian and light vehicular traffic applications.

Slabed, super pervious pavers with wide range of color options. Perfect for implementing in architectrually designed areas. Engineered to be installed in pedestrian applications that require drainage capabilities.

Heavy duty pervious pavers used in vehicular applications. Engineered for more vehicular applications such as driveways, parking lots and curbsides. Pavers available in Dupont and Montana.

Brick-sized pervious pavers engineered to be installed in projects that require low environmental impact pavers. Ideal in parking lot, driveways and pedestrian areas.

Xeripave SP Pavers are segmented pavers ideally suited as a practical long-term alternative to impervious materials. Xeripave SP Pavers are designed to infiltrate stormwater runoff as soon as precipitation hits the ground at around one gallon per second per square foot. Xeripave is used for various applications in commercial and residential projects, because of its versatility. Some key features Xeripave offers include:


xeripave color swatches


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